Monday, December 3, 2012

A Letter of Life & Death

Even with all the craziness going on last week, I have been working hard and really pushing towards getting some form of c-met inhibiting drug.

If you recall from a previous blog a couple weeks ago, Mayo Clinic is currently conducting a c-met trial. The downside is that they are only admitting kidney cancer patients. I've been working closely with a Mayo oncologist and a few other doctors down there and they've been trying to convince the drug company sponsoring the trial to include mom into the trial. They suggested that I write a letter telling our story.

So for the past week, I've spent a lot of time getting my thoughts, feelings and research onto paper. I cited research, gave a thorough background of mom's medical background and explained how it would be mutually beneficial have a gastric patient in their trial with their new c-met drug. I also talked about the genetics and how it can help others in my family too.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and they denied the request Friday. I was beyond devastated. When I saw that email come through, my heart just sank because I felt like I failed mom. Initially, I was also quite upset at the big drug company for denying her but I am sure they had their reasons. The drug they are testing is very important and it can help a lot of people in the future.  I hope it's successful.

But, for now...the c-met Mayo Clinic trial option is off of the table.

Update (Xalkori/Crizotinib): We were also denied by the insurance company for the xalkori/crizotinib, the FDA approved c-met/alk inhibitor drug for lung cancer. Dr. A is going above and beyond with this and appealing the decision. He's written a very eloquent letter trying to convince the insurance company to cover this drug for mom because out of pocket costs are insane ($10,000 per month).

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