Monday, May 28, 2012

Telling Mandy

It was now Sunday, May 6th.  If was a long weekend of tears and we were all still in shock. The whole weekend I felt like a zombie. I spent most of it just being close to my mom and being a shoulder to cry on.   I remember trying to force myself to eat. I couldn't stomach anything. I lost like 3-4 pounds just that weekend. We shared the news with some close family members and a couple of my closest and dearest friends. I remember thinking...I wish Mandy was here. I need Mandy to be here. She has to know what is going on. 

On Sunday, I got the ok from my mom to send Mandy a message about what we found out.  I remember do you tell your baby sister...the sister you protect and would do anything to spare them pain....that mom might have cancer. 

I wasn't sure if she'd get it right away but I sent her a brief text message.  We exchanged a few texts back and forth. She literally had 5 minutes where she had a signal and was able to get the info. I sent her.  I could tell from hundreds of miles away that she felt helpless.

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