Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Waiting Game

It was the week of May 7th.

We were all waiting for the official biopsies to come back from the endoscopy.  We were all consumed by hitting up the internet and finding anything else this could be. We found some things which made us feel better temporarily but it always came back to the diffuse gastric cancer. We also thought to ourselves...even if it were couldn't be late stage right? Mom didn't have a lot of the "late stage" symptoms.  The one in particular that we kept questioning was the bloody stools and vomiting blood. Mom didn't have any of that. All mom had up to that point was lost of appetite, weight loss from not eating and her anemia which caused her to be fatigued just doing the simplest of things.

On May 8th, we got results from the biopsies. They were inconclusive. The GI explained that even though the samples he took were not cancerous, he cannot definitely rule out stomach cancer. He indicated that mom's stomach wall was highly suspicious and he was worried that the cancer was hiding in the lining. From what I knew from previous research, this cancer is extremely hard to detect and screen for. One can be a gene carrier and go to get an endoscopy, but never find the cancer cells because they are so hidden in the lining of the stomach. The GI recommended a 2nd endoscopy. He planned to go deeper into the stomach and get more samples. Ug....more waiting...........

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