Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 Weeks into Chemo Round 1

I wish I can say that the last few weeks were easier but they haven't been. There have been a handful of good days, some ok days and quite a few bad days. Most of the bad days involved mom dealing with the various chemo side effects, the pain from the cancer itself and the mental strength to get through this. There have also been some unexpected twists on the genetics front that I prefer not to discuss at this time but will in the near future.

On top of that, a few days ago, my mom's pet rabbit passed away suddenly. My mom loved her little Maya and was very down. Apart of me regrets dragging mom to the Animal Humane Society a few months ago and having her adopt Maya. Ugh...I wish I can take my mom's pain away :-( 

Mom meeting Maya for the first time
The few good days were the days mom went in for iv fluids and some very effective nausea meds to help her through the chemo process. Unfortunately, the regime would only last a day or two. Mandy and Marcus also came up for a few days to visit and that seemed to cheer her up. They even accompanied me for one of mom's iv fluid infusion days. It was nice to have them around. We all sat with mom with our iPads and pulled up pictures, talked and joked around.

I'm a bit sad this week because my Aunt is going to be heading back home to Guyana. She's been a godsend to me throughout these five weeks she's been here. She stayed with mom and took care of so much. She alleviated a lot of stress off of me and has really stepped up when it mattered. I honestly don't know how we will do this without her. She was my angel on earth.

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