Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Surgeon's Consult at Abbott

We had gotten the official diagnosis, now it was time to meet with a surgeon to discuss treatment. Dr. A had referred us to Abbott Northwestern. The day was emotional to say the least. After reviewing the scans from earlier in the week, we were told that the surgery option was off the table. The cancer is the stomach seemed to be spreading to inoperable regions in the lower abdominal. Because of this, chemo was the only option at this point to first get rid of the cancer in that region in hopes for a total gastrectomy later on. Hearing this news, my stomach felt like a bottomless pit. The cancer was spreading...this was not good!

The Dr. suggested a procedure called a laparoscopy on May 22nd to see the extent of the spreading which was conducted early the next week. After the procedure, the Dr. pulled me aside while mom was in recovery to tell me that the cancer was confirmed to be spreading.

It was a long day...I think we spent close to eight hours from check-in to discharge at Abbott. The one positive thing that day was my sister, and her husband drove up to Minnesota from Missouri. My mom was happy that night. They got settled in and we ordered some pad thai. We made mom relax and we all just talked, laughed and looked at old pictures that night. It felt comforting that my sister was here and we were all together.

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