Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Slew of Tests & The Diagnosis

The week of May 14th was non-stop craziness.

In just a few days, we took the Pet scan, CT scan, and the 2nd endoscopy.  We also scheduled a surgeon's consult appointment at Abbott Northwestern to discuss treatment options for that Friday. Even though, we had not officially gotten the diagnosis yet, they wanted to get things moving and find out as much as possible for our surgeon's visit at the end of the week.

On May 16th, in the afternoon, I got the call from the GI who confirmed that the biopsies from the 2nd endoscopy were cancerous and looked advanced. I wish I could say I was surprised and shocked...but I wasn't. Deep down, I knew this was coming. I wish I could say, I cried...but I didn't. I had cried so much up to this point, I just couldn't anymore. All that ran through my head was...the next step. How do we battle this? And not just battle this...how do we battle this differently from Rajen and Sandra so the outcome would be different.

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