Thursday, October 25, 2012

Always Have Hope

CT scan results from last week are in. We met with Dr. A yesterday and went over a lot of information. First off, mom's cancer is stable..for now. The chemo cocktail of irinotecan and docetaxol is doing a good job at holding the cancer at bay. The scan also showed that the blood clot in her chest has vanished. Thank you lovenox! We're still going to continue with the lovenox on a reduced dosage however, since this chemo has a tendency to cause blood clots along with the aranesp shot she's been on.

So what now? We decided to go ahead with one more round of chemo yesterday to buy time until we figure out the next course of action. We've narrowed down four paths all of which will involve taking a c-met inhibitor drug. So we're buying time with this round of chemo until we can figure out the pros and cons for each drug. Some things that we seriously have to take into consideration are :1) mom's physical state and how it will hold up to the travel commitment for each trial 2) costs 3) my time commitment and current responsibilities and 4) out of state TPN accommodations. These are just factors for us. There's also a lot on the side of the clinic/ pharmaceutical company hosting each trial which can include: evaluation for trial, weekly lab tests, various exams, all the exclusion criteria, patient history etc.  So there's a ton going on right now and I'm honing in on my research and working closely with Dr. A to make the right decision that will be good for us.

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