Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

It's hard to believe that exactly six months ago, we lost Sandra. It was Friday, the 13th of January 2012. I must be crazy..but January seemed like it happened years ago. I feel like so much has happened and I've experience a lifetime of emotions since her death. Apart of me feels guilty because I really never got a chance to fully mourn her because it was only a few months after she passed that my mom's health deteriorated and all my energy was refocused. With Rajen, I had years to mourn him , come to grips with his death and eventually accept his death. It was the natural order of things.

But now, it's different. I feel like 'death' is just something that happened and will continue to happen. Just like some casual normal nonchalant thing. Crazy, I know! Perhaps it's just my way to cope with all of this so that I can get through each day.

I do miss her but I feel like she isn't gone because I haven't really processed that she's not with us anymore.

Sandra visits my house. Perfect day of pizza and Vikings football.
Sandra, mom and I at one of the many fun parties back home in Guyana. Those were the days!

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