Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recovering from the First Round

After a 5-day stay at the hospital, mom was discharged. Her blood counts were back up and so was her spirits. They loaded her up with high nutrition ivs, supplements, pain meds etc. to get her feeling "normal" again.

The doctors decided to give her a week break before starting the second round of chemo (initially she was going to do them back to back). The past week was very nice - no crappy chemo symptoms to battle with! Mom seemed like her old self. She was still very tired and not 100% but it was a whole lot better than the official chemo weeks. During this time, I also have been making a strong effort to also fatten her up. The first round hit her very hard and she lost a lot of weight. So, I'v been trying to maintain or gain as much as possible with high calories protein shakes and other things that she can manage to keep down.

Tomorrow, we start round two chemo. They are going to be lowering the dosage a bit to make it less harsh on her body. Even though it's chemo, I look forward to spending the 5-7 hours just talking with her during the infusion. It makes my heart feel good.

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