Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hail Mary

Today I pick up the pieces, take a deep breath and push onward. I am digging deeper each and every day that goes by for the strength to do this. Why? Because, there is no alternative.

I had a lengthy phone conversation with Dr. A this morning and we went over several new treatment regimes to explore. As with any chemo treatment, we are not sure if it will be responsive but we are giving it a shot. We both agreed that we had to try a completely different new drug combo and not a modification of EOX. He consulted with the team at Mayo and they suggested a regime of two new drugs (docetaxel and ironotecan). According to Dr. A, this combo has a 40% of tumor/cancer shrinkage but it really depends on how an individual body will respond to it.

At this point, it's sort of a Hail Mary...a move out of desperation towards the 'end' with only a small chance of success. Mom has until Tuesday to decide if we go this route or stop chemo completely and ride it out.

The three of us on mom's 60th birthday - Love you MOM!

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