Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Chapter

Since mom made the decision to stop cancer treatment a few days ago, I feel like this opens a new chapter in this story. Even though it's taken a big emotional toll on us, we are prepared for the next stage in all this. For the past seven months or so, I've been mom's primary caregiver.  I've come to realize that the best care for mom right now getting her into a facility that give her 24 hour care and comfort. Now is the time to step back a little from the care giving aspect and spend as much quality time with her as possible. I am still planning on being apart of all the decision making, and being there for my mom but right now I need to lean on the support systems I have available. My husband and I are the only family here and we've taken on so much since mom got diagnosed and it's come to a point where we can't do it ourselves anymore. But, at the same time, we know that the best care for mom is to rely on a system that can assist us.

Over the last week,  we've had quite a few conversations with the social work team and medical staff about all this. We have a lot of decisions to make and a lot is still in the works. Sorting through the insurance has been such a big headache too! Apparently mom's insurance will not cover residential care hospice...yup, you heard me correctly. We found this out yesterday and I was ready to literally pull my hair out! It's just plain heart-breaking...we've been going through so much as it is and then to have this road block. But we will keep on looking at options and trudging on...


  1. I've been thinking so much about you. You and your mom have been such an inspiration to so many and I can't imagine how hard this might be for you but as you said at this point you just need to support your mom's decision and give her the quality time she deserve.

    I have you all in my thoughts and prayers! Blessings!


  2. I have been reading your blog. My heart aches for you. My husband has gastric cancer. We are fighting for his life at the moment also. My blog is Cancer does suck!!!! Hang in there! I know how hard it is!!! Sandra

  3. All of us who know you or have been following your blog share in the heartaches this journey has been for you and your family. We share the triumphs, the struggles, the laughter, and the tears. Your momma is so lucky to have such a devoted daughter. It truly is criminal that the insurance does not cover the hospice care. What do we pay such high premiums for anyway ? When we finally need it, we are denied ? Something just evil about the whole thing. I hope you find an answer and your momma gets the best care ever in the time she has remaining. My thoughts and prayers are with you.