Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PleurX Catheter Procedure

Late yesterday, mom had a pleurX catheter surgical procedure to help drain all the fluid that has been accumulating steadily. The catheter, compared to a thoracentesis,  makes it lot more convenient to drain. It can be done multiple times a day/week and can be done at home by the caregiver. I've already read up quite a bit on the process and it seems very easy to do. This will definitely alleviate the stress of having to rush mom to the ER anytime her breathing acts up.

The procedure itself went very smoothly. There was some risk of mom bleeding out because she's been on blood thinners but all went ok.  Mom is still in the hospital and recovering from the procedure. They are also trying to get the blood clot situation under control. She's been encountering some other issues as well 1) her blood sugar levels are super high and 2) her heart beat is faster than normal. They are unsure what's causing it.  My hope is the blood clots are causing all this and if they can get that under control, she can start feeling some relief. The fluid buildup is highly concerning though. In the procedure yesterday, they drew out 875 cc's and then early this morning again, her breathing acted up and they drained another 300 cc's. It's just too fast! I'm very worried by all this and I am forcing myself to take one thing at a time.


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