Monday, August 13, 2012

A Nice Little Outing

This past weekend, mom was up for a short little outing. She was still very tired from the chemo but she wanted to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather. We only went out for a little while but I took the opportunity to get some pictures. With this new chemo, she's completely fatigued and lethargic all the time so she has to rest and conserve her energy as much as possible. She also wanted to get a bit dressed up so she wore her jewelry pieces. She wants to thank people who've purchased pieces of The Rita Collection and supporting stomach cancer awareness. It means a lot to her.


  1. Rita, you look so good it's hard to imagine that you are so sick.
    I miss seeing you and talking to you but I think of you every day.

    (please give her my message)

  2. Pita! You look great...from head to toe! Loving the new doo :) Miss you a ton! Can't wait to see you. Love always Mo:-)