Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chemo Round 3 - Session 2

Today's session went well. Mom is feeling pretty good.  Her white blood count was a bit low but it was still within a reasonable range to go forward with the chemo treatment today.

She was in good spirits as her two sisters came to visit her again. It was a girls day at the chemo clinic today. They told me stories of when Mandy and I were young and all the naughty/cute things we did. It filled my heart with so much joy to see mom laughing and reminiscing of the past times. I wish all days can be good days like today...

A fellow stomach cancer warrior friend of mine wrote this as her Facebook status yesterday. I thought it was fitting because up until a few months ago I really didn't know deep down what a 'bad' day was. The things you see right before your eyes and the pain you have to push through to make it to the next day is life changing.

Feel free to think of me when you're having a bad day. I just feel blessed to have been given another pain free day! :-)  -- MC

Here are some pics I took of mom and my aunties today. Mom is sporting some pieces from The Rita Collection.

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  1. Absolutely loving the Rita collection-very stylish! Gonna have to order a few pieces:) Nice photos of you.
    Do you remember that time I fainted at work, and when I came to, my first question was "How is my hair?" And you responded "Your hair? You fainted and your asking about your hair?" LoL!
    As I look at your photos, I can't help but think of our last face to face conversation, at work, when you said "How am I going to put on my makeup while I'm in the hospital" then me, you, Bhavna and Amanda all started cracking up at the same time at the thought of making sure your makeup was in order first & foremost. I even said I'd come down with my makeup kit to make sure you had glam before any procedures. LoL! Now I'm looking thru your pictures going, wow she was serious about staying beautiful! Love it! O, how I miss our funny convos and laughs! See you soon, Mo :)