Friday, August 17, 2012

Small Steps

Mom was discharged from the hospital last night. She is doing a lot better. In the past few days we met with numerous medical professionals (nutritionist, gastroenterologist, palliative doctor etc.) along with visits from Dr. A. We all came to the consensus that we are going to just think a few steps ahead and manage whatever issues/concerns come up. We are not thinking too far ahead. Mom was given some new medications to manage symptoms and get her on track for the final round of chemo which is next Thursday. After long talks with Dr. A, she really wants to go through with this second round of the new chemo. Once that is done, we will do a PET and CT scan and make more decisions.

Up to this point, the primary reason why chemo has been hitting her so hard is the lack of nutrition. It is difficult to keep food down due to the stomach wall not contracting. She will be taking a med called reglan to aid in digestion. We were also given an option for the GI to scope and see if there's a blockage (if this is the problem). If indeed the blockage is the an issue, we will think about inserting a stent in.

Over the next week and next round of chemo, the doctors will be fully loading her up with whatever it takes to manage her pain and keeping her nutrition high. She will be doing some home care hydration which will be very convenient. It will serve as the backbone of her nutrition.

 I am glad that the team of doctors are so amazing and informing her of all the possible options out there. Not only are they highly educated but they are truly compassionate. They've taken the time to know the family history of all of this. I feel like if this were to happen to me, I know that these are the people I want my medical care with.

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  1. Glad to hear she is out of the hospital. Some very difficult decisions but it sounds like Rita is again ready to fight. You and your family are always in my prayers. Jana