Monday, August 13, 2012

Pet Therapy

Ever since mom got diagnosed back in May, I've noticed a significant change in my dogs' behaviors. Back in May, they would always sniff her tummy as though they knew she was sick. I remember there were nights that she'd be in pain and moan and my eldest dog, Xavier would get up from his sleep and lick her face to make sure she's ok. It was like clockwork throughout the whole night. He'd make sure she was okay and then go lie down next to her.

Then as mom started chemo, my dogs became more close and in tune with her. When she'd be resting, Blizzard would jump on the bed and lie besides her while my other two dogs sat on the floor close by. They did not want to leave her side. When mom would get up, Blizzard would let her rest some of her weight on him to get her balance and guide her slowly to where she was going. It is an amazing sight to see. She really has a bond with them. She would even mention dreams she'd have where the dogs would protect her. I hope that my dogs are giving her at least some sort of comfort in these hard days. They love her so much.


  1. That is awesome! I firmly believe in pet therapy. My kitties help me out immensely while I recover from chemo. They just know when I'm not feeling well. They follow me around the apartment and join me on the bed, cuddled next to me as I nap. The pictures are beautiful!

  2. I really think animals do sense it when their humans are ill. I no longer have pets at home, but I've even noticed it with the dogs in the neighborhood that know me - if I'm walking slower, they approach me slower - they seem to know that we're not going to play today.
    I'm glad they are all there for Rita as I know she loves animals

  3. Pets are so amazing and loving souls.

  4. Your pets are going to be a tremendous comfort to your mom right now. They just seem to know. They are truly a blessing in our lives.