Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chemo Round 4 - Session 2

Today was the final session of this new type of chemo before we do another CT scan (which is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 7th).  We arrived promptly at the clinic but had to wait for the doctor's approval to actually go ahead with the chemo. Mom's blood draw from yesterday showed her sodium and phosphorus levels were a tad bit low.  She was also given a hemoglobin boost as well today to help her energy levels. Tomorrow, we're heading back to the clinic to do a neulasta shot which is suppose to offset the rapid drop of the white blood count this chemo often brings. Dr. A is hoping that by doing this shot, it will prevent mom from being admitted into the hospital again.

Today's chemo session was just mom and I. It seemed like it's been ages that we went to a session just the two of us since we've had family in and out of town the past few months. It was nice to have her to myself. I was planning on just reading this Archies comic book I found in the magazine rack but instead we talked pretty much the whole time. Actually she did most of the talking; she was quite the chatterbox today.

Blast from the past! The first comic book I ever read...introduced to me by Sandra and Rajen :)
She is especially happy that my aunt and uncle (Sandra and Rajen's parents) came into town to visit her.  I haven't seen her this happy for quite some time. It really cheered her up. It was the first time seeing them after Sandra's funeral back in January. I can tell the pain is still raw...ugh my heart hurts for them. My aunt who's been pretty much the primary caregiver for both Sandra and THE person who really understands what I am going through. I'm not saying others don't understand but to live it and experience it first to truly understand it.  When you have to dig so deep to be strong and get things done because it is what that is needed. Not a lot of people really get that.

I know that seeing all this must be hard on them as it brings back memories of what they lost.  But, I am so thankful they came to visit and offer their support. I've always considered them my second parents ever since I was young.  They are two of the most strong-hearted people I know.


  1. I hope your mom's energy is still up. Those comics are fun to read. I just flip through some webmd and home and garden magazines at my mom's clinic. I'm glad the visit from family was nice. Wishing your aunt and uncle continued strength. Their pain must be unimaginable.

  2. I am sending good thoughts for your mothers next scan.