Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Training hard!
This past weekend, my sister and I got educated in learning the ins and outs of total parenteral nutrition (TPN). As I mentioned in my previous blog, mom needs more nutrition in her daily diet. Dr. A put in orders for the Walgreens Home Care program. The nurse came to mom's place and taught Mandy and I how to administer the fluids. It's a pretty intricate process and doing it the correct way is of high importance since we don't want any complications. Knowing someone's life is in your very own hands is a weird concept; there's no room for a mistake.

The first time Mandy and I did administered the TPN for the first time alone was..um..interesting. We were ridiculously slow. We had one little hiccup with the tubing having air bubbles but we trouble-shooted the problem and got it working. Mom even made a funny by saying, "You guys shouldn't give up your day jobs".

All in all, not too bad. I think once we do it a half dozen more times, it'll be second nature.

Nutritional goodness
Lots o gadgets!
Vitamins to be mixed
Mandy chillin' after a learning TPN

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