Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Hospital Visit...Sigh

Today we went in for a hydration appointment at the clinic after mom's been feeling super fatigued and has been experiencing a lot of pain. We started the fluids as normal and luckily I ran into Dr. A who wanted to know how mom was feeling. I mentioned her symptoms and he ordered immediate rush blood work to be done.

As I suspected, her white blood count dropped to a critical 0.8. Not good! She also had a low grade fever as well. Not good!  He put in the order to have her admitted into the hospital again to get things under control.  My sister, Mandy is visiting so she's been able to help Stan and I out a ton. Last time, we were bogged down beyond belief.  Dr. A came to visit in the hospital as well to evaluate what our options are at this point. We're considering pulling off of chemo once and for all and just going the palliative route. It's really hard to say that word but chemo is really diminishing my mom's life. I've come to understand that a longer life is not necessarily better. I just want my mom to not be in pain and for her to be as comfortable as possible. For her to feel normal again or close to it...

I will update more tomorrow.

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