Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chemo Round 4 - Session 1

I'm a little behind on blogging this week. Last Thursday, mom had her fourth (and potentially last) round of chemo. Next Thursday will be the second session of round four; then we find out if this new regime made an impact.

It was actually the first chemo/hydration appointment that I did not attend with her. I figured that since Mandy was in town for the last two weeks in August, it would be a good experience for her to go with mom. It was Mandy's first time going to an actual chemo session with mom. Stan and my aunt also went along with mom for support.

To tell you the truth, it was rather strange not going because since May I pretty much went to everything with the exception of a CT scan. I caught myself calling Mandy's cell to check in even though I knew everything was ok.  I guess I've become a bit protective since this all began. But, it was also a much needed break for me because I knew with Mandy and my aunt leaving town again, life as I know it would get crazy again.

Working full-time, being a supportive wife, primary caregiver for mom, managing all the ins and outs of two households (one with 3 pups), taking care of financial and legal matters since May and being the go-to person in my family to coordinate all the genetics testing, research and theories with specialists from all over the world. The last reason is especially important to me and the ones I love. I will explain more in a later blog once I am able to put it into words. It's been very difficult to talk about.

On a lighter note, my mom got some vistors the day before her chemo. It really perked up her spirits when some of her co-workers visited.

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